Open access books in the field of Architecture and the Built Environment authored edited and published by staff members of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

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  • Imagine: RAPIDS 2.0

    Additive Manufacturing for architecture


    Imagine 10 explores the potential of Additive Manufacturing for architecture by charting the current state of technology, discussing its implications for design and construction processes, and presents research projects as well as concept ideas for future Additive Manufacturing applications.

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  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Restauratie en transformatie van een nationaal monument

    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


    Deze monumentale monografie vormt het ultieme naslagwerk over de geschiedenis, restauratie en vernieuwing van het beroemdste museum van Nederland. Uitvoerig onderzoek en uitgebreide documentatie tonen hoe de restauratie van het negentiende-eeuwse monument van architect Pierre Cuypers werd verenigd met de eisen van een modern topmuseum in de eenentwintigste eeuw.

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  • Cultural Heritage Leading Urban Futures: Actions and Innovations from ROCK Project

    Cultural Heritage Leading Urban Futures


    The ROCK project sees historic city centres as laboratories to demonstrate how Cultural Heritage can be an engine of regeneration, sustainable development and economic growth. ROCK approach foresees the systemic and flexible application of a series of role-model practices in the testing sites of three Replicator cities, to turn historic city centres afflicted by physical decay, social conflicts and poor life quality into Creative and Sustainable Districts. This book provides an overview of the project, extracting themes, material and final remarks from the...

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