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 Research in Urbanism Series

Research in Urbanism Series

RiUS is a scientific series that deals with dynamics, planning, and design in contemporary urban areas. It provides an outlet for investigation, analysis, and exploration in the overlapping fields of urban design, urban planning, regional planning, metropolitan design, spatial planning, urban renewal, urban management, landscape architecture, environmental design, sustainability, urban technology, urban mobility, cultural heritage.

RiUS is aimed at designers, researchers, planners, consultants, decision-makers, and politicians. It pays special attention to design, research, techniques, methodology and theory. RiUS facilitates a dialogue between the community and society at large through high-quality publications focusing on transformation and sustainability.

Series editors
Dr.ir. Frank van der Hoeven, TU Delft
Dr.ir. Steffen Nijhuis, TU Delft

TU Delft Open

Print ISSN 1875-0192
Online ISSN 1879-8217

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