Visionary Cities: 12 Reasons for Claiming the Future of our Cities

  • Winy Maas TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment


Visionary Cities sets the agenda for the city of the future. This first publication in the ‘Future Cities Series’ is intended as an overview of the issues that The Why Factory is addressing and to outline this research institute’s ambitions and modus operandi for the coming years.

Are we having too much fun? Are our dreams undermining the city? Has everything been done before? Is our future being imagined without us? Most importantly: What is an urban vision and why do we need one? In Visionary Cities, The Why Factory asks these questions and invites you to join them as they explore potential solutions for these and many more urgencies that are threatening our cities today.

Visionary Cities is the first publication in the upcoming ‘Future Cities Series’

Authors: Ulf Hackauf, Pirjo Haikola, Young Wook Houng, Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Marc Ryan, Tihamér Salij, Daliana Suryawinata, Alexander Sverdlov, Emily Waugh.

Cover for Visionary Cities: 12 Reasons for Claiming the Future of our Cities

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